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Twin Towers

Tragedy and triumph–the opposite twins manifest thirteen years ago today. The tragedy of maliciousness born of delusion, the triumph of selfless sacrifice in the midst of needless heartbreak. Remembering such events is human nature, but more importantly, mindfulness of the seeds we are planting must take place. Anger and bitterness will not lie dormant, nor will compassion, kindness, and love. So I must be mindful of the seeds I plant, the feelings I stir, the words I release into the world. Out of tiny acorns mighty oaks are grown.

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A Thanksgiving Greeting

Where ever, and who ever you are, I hope this day you can find at least a small sense of blessing. I hope you may a know a little peace and a little fullness. I hope your eyes can be opened to some wonder. I hope a soulful smile will find its way into the world through you.

I hope there’s some music in your life–a favorite song, the sound of your loved one’s laughter, or just the wind whispering through the trees. I hope there’s some good food and drink and even better company. I hope there is much love, and that all the little irritants that seem to slip between loved ones in our daily journey can be set aside so only the love remains.

I am mindful that for some, even the simplest of these hopes seems a fantasy. Some lives are mired in difficulties that make my life seem like a heaven in comparison. I have no savior complex. I’ll likely not change that. Not for every one in every place anyway. I am captain of no ship but my own, and the challenges of that job are quite enough. But if my ship can be a refuge and place of rest for someone else for a bit then I hope to have the wisdom and compassion to provide that refuge.

For who knows? Today’s abundance may become tomorrow’s want. Most all of us are adrift in wild seas from time to time. So we must savor the blessings while we have them. Even if the only blessing is but a breath, breath means life and life means possibility. And what a gift possibility is. Sail sweetly friends. There is a great big horizon out there, and who knows what lies beyond?

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