Hi Folks! My name is Jeff and I’m the owner of this blog. My professional background is church ministry, though much of my thinking has changed through the years so please don’t let that scare you or impress you or do anything else to you. I am no longer preaching because to preach you really seem to need some sort of label and I can’t find one that fits anymore. I think that is a good thing.

I love to be outside and find the planet and the cosmos it inhabits sublime beyond words. I often hike, fish,  and camp–regardless of season. I find the Transcendent out there in this marvelous place we call home for now. I am very interested in the human experience and try to approach it holistically–mind, body, individual, family, society, planet. I am often smitten with a sense of awe and wonder at even the simplest things. If you haven’t been smitten like that in a while I highly encourage it–it has a restorative effect on the soul.

I hope you will stop by often and enjoy the site as it grows and we cover more subjects and I learn the art of blogging. Feel free to comment, but be advised I’m a lover and not a fighter, so I will delete argumentative posts. Love, joy, peace, kindness–these are the things I seek and what I hope to promote, for in such things lies a life well-lived. Why would we want to live any other way?

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