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How We Participate in the Creative Experience of the Universe

Creative by Nature

cosmic owl

We live in a Universe that is creative by nature. Each living being is a unique expression of that creativity, and participates in the Life of the Cosmos in at least four ways.

The first creative act begins with our conception, the merging of sperm and egg from our father and mother. From that combining of ancestral DNA, each being successfully constructs a physical body built up of molecules and atoms, the “star dust” of our Universe. We take many months engaging in this first creative act, prior to even being born. For many, this is seen as a kind of miracle, as there has never been and never will be another “you” or “I” in the history of the Cosmos. 

The second act of creation that we partake in is that of sensory perception and consciousness, our subjective experience. Each morning, after we awaken from sleep, our brain immediately begins to weave sensory input into the unique experience of being…

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