Seditious Thoughts: A short vent on the absurdity of The Way Things Are

Consider this the yammering of a frustrated soul. Or perhaps a deranged mind. I will warn you in advance there is nothing profound here. Of course, readers are seldom in danger of being hit by stray bits of profundity when it comes to my writing.

I find myself thinking seditious thoughts. Such thinking is dangerous. It can get you on lists. It can get you in prison. It has gotten more than a few people dead. I doubt my particular sedition will get me any of those things, but it should. If enough people start asking certain questions a lot of things would change. Business and government would never be the same. I mention them together because only a little digging reveals they are seldom far apart.

Don’t worry. I’m not gonna blow anything up or shoot anyone. Bombs and bullets destroy buildings and kill people but they never touch ideas. That’s why the wars to end all wars never do. That’s why right here in America there are people who proudly proclaim themselves Nazis–swastika flags and all–sixty-eight years after the defeat of Nazi Germany. Ideas are bulletproof. I wonder if many of them, buttressed by fear or out-sized self-interest, can’t even be bested by better ideas.

I would like to blow “the system” up though. That’s right, I said it. I’d like to radically change The Way Things Are in the world, and I see no way for that to happen except for a demolition of the current system and the thinking that has produced it. Some will label it hopeless idealism. But many ideals seem hopeless at one time or another yet still find a tangible way into the world. So what is so hopeless about hoping for a world where money doesn’t rule? Where it can’t buy lawmakers nor influence the administration of law? An actual rule of law as opposed to the appearance of such we have now?  Or a world  where violence isn’t seen as a solution? Or a world where our common humanity outweighs all the things like race, religion, and nationality we use to divide us?

And maybe most importantly, why is it hopeless to hope the general population and the leaders of governments  come to understand that our current economic model is completely and utterly insane. That’s right, insane. It is a logical and physical absurdity to think that an economy can grow infinitely in a finite world. But no leader in his or her right mind dares touch that one it seems, and we common people tend to not worry as long as we get a share of the bread and circuses that numb us from even thinking about it. Yet this inherently illogical idea is at the root of so many of our other issues. Perhaps money really does make the world the go round. And certainly the love of it is at the root of all sorts of evil.

So yes, I am thinking seditious thoughts. Not especially profound ones and certainly not new ones. But seditious they are. And eventually, when enough of us are thinking them, things will change.

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3 thoughts on “Seditious Thoughts: A short vent on the absurdity of The Way Things Are

  1. indykittykeilah

    Jeff, I am glad you broached this subject. I am particularly distressed by the fact that our leaders for most part appear to be bought and paid for and neither side seems particularly interested in my thoughts or interests as an ‘average American’, though you’ll get lip service and nice little form letter response if you do contact them or sign a petition. You should check out the link I posted on FB. The documentary is LONG, but well worth watching. I wish all my friends would watch it with an open mind. I love the ideals this country was founded on, but our loss of privacy and personal liberties is alarming to me, just in the past 40 years. Like you, I think we need a change, but I don’t want to hurt people or my country. I just want us to wake up and stand up for what is right and good and true. Warmongering is deadly and yes, thinking that an economy can perpetually expand is as crazy an idea as that of continuous process improvement. 100 percent is as high the scale goes and it is to that level that is as much as you can improve any process, though I do recall the odd test in high school with the bonus question that made it possible to score over 100 percent. Yet in business, you are expected to continuously improve. What happens after you reach maximum efficiency? Ideally, innovation, but that may be beyond the scope of most average workers. I don’t have the money to make a change happen, but I feel obligated to use my voice and to try to be a candle in the darkness. Sorry if I made any typos, but this is a very important subject and one often on my mind.

  2. I will do that. And keep that candle lit. 🙂

  3. indykittykeilah

    I will do my best. 😀

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