Change in comments policy…

Previously, I have only allowed comments to post after approving them first. I did this not to sensor, but to try to limit spam and eliminate inappropriate comments. Unfortunately, I think an unintended side-effect is that it tends to limit commenting overall. And fortunately, I have to date received only a handful of comments that I deemed inappropriate.

So I have decided to open comments to posting without my previous moderation. However, some words and phrases are subject to moderation, and there will be NO TOLERATION of derogatory comments of any sort. It’s really pretty simple–converse like a mature, civilized human being, avoid profanity, and your comments will appear immediately  and will stay. Flame anything or anyone and they won’t. If you happen to read an offensive comment before I moderate then please do not respond. Anyone commenting in an inappropriate way isn’t likely interested in a real conversation.

I really would enjoy seeing and reading more commentary and would love to hear others experiences as well as receive thoughtful hints and tips on whatever subject I might be moved to write about. You may even help me fine-tune my grammar–as long as you play nice doing it! Basically, I long to see this blog become a community of sorts–actually a community of all sorts–all sorts of people, lives, experience, and knowledge.

Looking forward to future conversations and growth! Peace!

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One thought on “Change in comments policy…

  1. Darren Beem

    Hey Ross: Love the spirit of the post. A desire for community through blogging. It’s one of the things that I love most about blogging, but like you it’s hard to pull off. It’s weird, because some of my favorite posts have received the fewest responses, whereas some of my more off the cuff stuff gets comments. A little frustrating to say the least!

    I wouldn’t presume to tell you what to write. Personally, I like the eclectic nature of your blog. I love how you talk about culture, but also unpretentiously share from your own experience. I just started subscribing recently and came to your blog through Joe’s blog. I notice that more recently some of your topics have been pretty heavy. While I think there is a place for heavy topics, I’m probably less likely to comment (at least not on an unfamiliar blog). Wish you the best in your blogging!

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