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redflagThere’s a story in the Bible where Jesus talks about a field where a man planted a crop of wheat. While he was sleeping, an enemy snuck into the field and planted weeds. The wheat and the weeds grew together, intermingled. The man’s servants offered to pick through the field and remove all the weeds. But the man refused to let them. Instead, he told them to let both the wheat and the weeds grow together. Later, when the time came for the harvest, they could be separated and the weeds could be burned.

Later, Jesus explains to his closest followers that he is the sower, the field is the kingdom of God, and the enemy is the devil. The wheat is the people of the kingdom, the weeds are those who do evil. In theological terms, it’s what we call an eschatological story…a story about how God achieves his…

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  1. I have been trying to blog about this subject for about a week. My friend Joe ended up doing it for me. I would only add this: I have no enemies. I see only fellow struggling humans such as myself trying to make their way through this world until their time is done. I will do my best to love as best I can along the way, and I’m sure I will make many mistakes in the effort…

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