What If?

A happy new year. We wish it upon others and hope for it ourselves. We hope for health and relative prosperity. We hope for peace. We hope. That’s what the astronomical trick of a new year inspires–hope!

The turning of the page from one year to the next gives us all a brief pause to think “What if?” What if I ate a more healthy diet this coming year? What if I quit this job I don’t really like? What if I start exercising? What if I worked a little less and played a little more? What if I actually wrote that book I’ve been dreaming of for years? What if I went on that dream vacation? What if?

The brief pause will indeed be brief. New Years Day has the same number of hours as any other, and our life as it has been lived will come knocking at the door in just a moment. Do we answer? Do we awaken today with hope for positive change, but find ourselves slip sliding inexorably back into old patterns? The sad answer is–probably. The vast majority of our hoped-for changes never come to pass. Most resolutions remain resolutions, often visiting us again at this same time next year, but never never staying to become permanent residents. If change were easy, well, it wouldn’t be so hard!

It’s an interesting phenomenon of human reality–this tendency to desire things but never act in a manner as to achieve them or receive them. Sometimes we even act in an exactly opposite manner–actively thwarting the things we say we desire. Religions will speak of sin and slavery, psychology will delve into the subconscious foundations of why we do what we do. There can be value in either approach, or vanity. Some of us seem to stumble into the answer and make the changes, but then we often won’t be able to explain it. Or we will be able to explain it but our explanation will make no sense to others. They won’t be at a place to receive it and our explanation will sound like a foreign language to them.

Well…if I had THE answer myself I’d probably be writing that book I’ve always dreamed of writing and celebrating in the financial aftermath by going on that vacation I have always dreamed of! I don’t have THE answer. I’m not sure anyone does, but paradoxically I suspect that everyone does. I suspect there is a key inside us all that will unlock the way to those hopes and dreams. I’m fairly confident that key is not identical for every person, since we are so different. Still, I suspect that that it is quite similar because when you start looking into people’s hopes and dreams they tend to be quite similar down at their foundations.

I’m very tempted at this point to give you a short list of helpful hints that will lead you into a glorious new year. Very tempted. But I’m not gonna do that. The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People has already been done–a thousand times with a thousand titles by a thousand authors.  Instead, I’m going to share this little goal I have. I want to run a half-marathon this year. Now, I’m gonna step away from the keyboard and go put on my running shoes.

Happy New Year friends! Hope. Dream. Do.

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2 thoughts on “What If?

  1. Fear of failure (and sometimes success) and a lack of true motivation is, IMHO, what limits achievements of dreams. Excellent post – especially the thought “…people’s hopes and dreams they tend to be quite similar at their foundations.” But I have to ask…which half of the marathon? The first half or the last half? 😉

  2. Well, at the beginning it will be the first half and at the end it will be the last half! 😉

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